Case Study: Medicaid Spend Down Path, Convert Life Insurance and Remain at Residence

A father was already a resident at Eldorado Heights in Klamath Falls, OR and already on a Medicaid spend down path. The family inquired about a Viatical Assisted Living Conversion as they were attempting to convert an existing life insurance policy and still extend his ability to remain in residence. He owned a $100,000 life …See More

Case Study: Viatical Assisted Living Conversion Affecting Quality of Life

Brookdale Senior Living introducing the Viatical Assisted Living Conversion concept to Brook­dale’s communities across the United States in February. After only the first month, is pleased to share this successful case study. This most recent Viatical Assisted Living Conversion truly affected the quality of life for the underlying family. A Viatical Assisted Living Conversion …See More

Secure Assisted Living Payments for Stroke Care

The family was given our information from the Whitcomb of St. Josephs, MI. It became necessary to move both parents into an assisted living facility as their mother recently had a stroke and was no longer able to care for herself or her husband. Upon learning that they could convert a group policy their father had kept after retirement; they completed an application for both parents…

Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Funding Case Study

A wife was caring for her husband, an Alzheimer’s victim, at home and needed to move him into a memory care facility for safety reasons. She was researching communities in the Atlanta, GA area and was also looking for funding options to help pay for the costs of housing and care. She found out about the Viatical Assisted Living Conversion online and learned that they could convert their $250,000 life insurance policy into a long term care payout…