Agents and Life Settlements

Why Your Insurance Agent Might Not Tell You About Life Settlements When it comes to managing life insurance, many policyholders trust their insurance agents to provide comprehensive advice on all available options. However, agents and life settlements don’t always mix. The reason? Some insurance carriers prohibit their agents from discussing or even mentioning life settlements. …See More

Compare Viatical Settlement Offers

When it comes to managing financial needs during a challenging time, a viatical settlement can provide much-needed relief. However, not all viatical settlement offers are created equal. As you compare viatical settlement offers, it’s crucial to be aware of broker fees that can significantly impact the amount of money you receive. Fortunately, you can avoid …See More

How Much Can You Get for a Viatical Settlement?

Viatical settlements are a valuable financial solution for those with life insurance policies who are facing terminal illnesses. If you’re wondering “how much can you get for a viatical settlement,” the answer depends on several factors, including the policy’s value, the insured’s life expectancy, and the current market conditions. This option allows policyholders to sell …See More

Viatical Settlements for Cancer Treatment and Alternative Care

When facing a cancer diagnosis, the journey ahead can feel overwhelming, both emotionally and financially. From understanding treatment options to managing everyday expenses, individuals and families impacted by cancer often find themselves in need of additional support. In such challenging times, exploring financial options becomes crucial. Among the array of resources available, viatical settlements for …See More

Viatical Settlement

A viatical settlement could be a potential solution to financial distress which is all too often correlated to a terminal or chronic illness. A viatical settlement is when the terminally ill sell their life insurance policy to a third-party buyer of life insurance policies, for a cash settlement which is less than the death benefit. …See More